Choosing an Online Payment Processing Platform

Organizations of all sizes often have to choose a vendor that processes electronic payments, including credit card and mobile payments. Accepting less traditional forms of payments through platforms such as Apple Pay and PayPal can be a challenge if the vendor is limited to accepting only credit cards and electronic checks. Choosing a vendor that can process multiple forms of payments successfully is critical for small businesses. Payment processing platforms that are more likely to decline payments can result in lost sales and revenue. A comprehensive, integrated payment platform, as illustrated in BlueSnap Review, can be the correct solution for entrepreneurs and small businesses.


The number one advantage of using an online payment vendor is integration. Online payment platforms provide businesses with the ability to send out invoices, accept payments from those invoices online, allow clients to checkout and make payments instantaneously, and accept payments for ongoing subscriptions. With an integrated platform, small business owners can easily generate electronic invoices within minutes and send those invoices to customers’ e-mail addresses. Customers can then sign-in to the platform, review the invoice, and submit their payments.

Global Acceptance

Another key advantage of using an online payment vendor is the ability to reach customers around the globe, including customers whose native language is not English. An online payment platform can display instructions in several different languages, removing barriers that might prevent some clients from completing their transactions. The ability to accept payments from international banks and convert payments according to exchange rates is also a critical feature. Payments are less likely to be declined as a result and more efficient approvals from banks helps increase cash flow.

Online payment processing platforms have several advantages, including seamless integration and worldwide payment acceptance. The use of a vendor with a platform that is less likely to decline payments and can accept a wider variety of payment types can help ensure small businesses are able to capture the maximum amount of sales revenue. Prior to selecting a vendor that provides online payment platforms, consider how the majority of the customer base expects to pay. A business owner will also need to consider the format of his or her enterprise, and whether the processing platform will result in more or less inconvenience to the customer.

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